The lives of an elite engineer, garbage man, ronin, and mutant intertwine thanks to a highly sought after piece of cutting-edge tech.

Show overview

Nanosuit 9 is an anthology superhero series set in a cyberpunk city. A random group of people ranging from the elite to low-class street freaks and oddities each come across a shady corporation’s experimental tech (the 9th nano suit) scattered amongst the mega city they live in.

Due to this technology, these citizens get in way over their heads. Equipped with their newfound abilities, a whole new world of conspiracy, action, and insanity opens up for each of these low-level heroes. They face off with all manners of villains – from the lofty heights of the high-class, to the scummy depths of the mutant underworld – and everything in between. Their goal? To tear down their corrupt society and build a better future with this nanotechnology.



After witnessing confidential cutting-edge tech, the engineer kicks this story off by stealing it. She becomes the catalyst that sets this whole series of events into motion. While on the run, she ends up losing pieces of the tech in numerous lower sectors of the city due to her adversaries. Her goal now is to locate the pieces of tech, reassemble them into the 9th Nano suit, and survive being hunted by the corporation she stole it from.


The garbage man is the first character to interact with a piece of the nanosuit. Going about his daily routine of filth removal in the mid sectors, our unlikely hero is struck by the largest piece of the suit. Instantly forming a bio link with him (as the suit is programmed to do), it changes his life forever. Now upgraded with newfound abilities, our lowly garbage man becomes something resembling the characters he reads about in his holo-comics.


Once a top-tier assassin for the yakuza, the ronin now wanders some of the lowest sectors in the city, simply trying to survive the harsh living conditions there. He’s one of only a few who have ever survived “getting out” of the clan. It only cost him an eye and his dominant sword arm… well, that and withstanding death by a thousand cuts. When a piece of the suit finds its way to him, it grants him the edge he once had. Now with the help of his piece of the suit, the one-man war on the yakuza begins.


Most know his kind to be cannibalistic monstrosities. The truth of the matter is, the ones called “mutants” aren’t unlike those who dwell in the sectors above. Some were once normal citizens of the lowest levels, deformed by radiation of power cells that fuel the mega-metropolis above. Our particular mutant is known to scout in the lower parts of the city; learning, observing, and scavenging technology to keep up with those from higher sectors. As fate would have it, a piece of the nanosuit finds its way to him. With some of the most advanced technology in his hands, the status quo may see an upheaval from the depths of the city.