Doubletap is a fast and affordable micro-content video solution to help enhance you or your clients’ social media presence by creating awesome ads that get results.

Fast Turn Around

Waiting for weeks for your video isn’t feasible when it comes to social media. That’s why we work with your social media schedule to make sure we deliver your content within days… not weeks.

Super Affordable

It wouldn’t make sense to spend your entire marketing budget on video that doesn’t always have a long shelf life. Our process keeps costs low so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Cross Platform

Whether it’s producing bite-size chunks for Instagram Stories or pre-roll on YouTube, Doubletap video can live on any media platform. 

Built with agencies in mind.

Whether you’re an internal marketing department or a full-service agency, Doubletap will be your new secret weapon. We’ll work within your established branding and overall marketing plan to help you deploy your clients’ social video campaigns at scale.

Videos that live wherever you have a social presence.

What kind of Doubletap 
video do you want?

A social post?

A super sweet ad?

Doubletap samples

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How does it work?

Step 1

We set up a meeting to talk through budget, strategy and what assets we have to work with.

Step 2

We create a schedule for each video.

Step 3

You send us all your assets via Google Drive, Dropbox or hard drive.

Step 4

We work our magic and get started!

Step 5

Bask in all the love you get from your Doubletap videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doubletap is a one-stop shop for highly sharable, story-driven, design-first social media videos. At Doubletap, we take your existing content (along with some cool, new stuff) and create a boatload of amazing short-form pieces of content, specifically developed to be hyper-engaging on social media channels.

We can quickly and efficiently create kickass content using minimal assets that you probably already have — a static print ad or a simple product shot is enough to build an engaging, on-brand, stunning video. You get beautiful, custom, motion-based content without the expense and lead time of photo or video shoots.

We know social moves fast, so we do too! Depending on complexity, your video can be ready in as little as 3 business days. Creating video content can take longer, but we always work with your timeline and budget in mind!

Prices start at $500. We’re guessing most of you will be happy with a great-looking video that does what it’s supposed to do; tell your story, sell your product or build your audience. 

Our videos are designed to be a cost-effective social media solution. We’ll do everything we can to keep costs down and surprise you with the results. We don’t want price to stop you from getting killer content. After all, we think the real cost is the opportunity cost you give up by not leveraging social media to tell your brand’s story. Contact us for detailed pricing — and if you like your first Doubletap video, ask us about volume discounts!

Everyone. No, seriously. If you’re not using the power of social media, you’re missing out on the lowest cost, highest return-on-investment marketing on the planet. We think every business should be in the storytelling business. That means we work with retail, automotive, medical, professional services, education, non-profit, taco restaurants (mmm tacos)… and the list goes on. Oh, and we also love to work with creative agencies. Bottom line — we’d LOVE to work with you!

If by “anything,” you mean an old ad or a product shot that you created in the 90s? Of course! We love a challenge! You won’t believe what we can do with the simplest of assets. Just try us. Let us know what you’re working with and we’ll show you the magic of Doubletap!

I think you already know what we’ll say here. While our Doubletap ninjas are hard at work making the next viral sensation, we have an entire team making great stuff at our parent company, Edison Creative. We are ready to tell your brand story with long form video, documentaries, custom animation and more. Not sure where to begin or how much social media content to put in your marketing mix? We can help! We’ll jump on a call with you, ask a lot of questions, and work up a creative content plan for you sure to convert viewers into action-takers. 

Custom video content starting at $500!