Creative video with a clear message

Bring your audience into your story with Edison Creative


Complex becomes simple

With animation you can go anywhere, easily explain complex ideas and colorfully tell stories in unique ways. Whether it’s bringing a character to life or layering motion graphics over live action video, our team of animation Jedis can deliver.


Visual narrative worth a thousand words

We’ve made a name for ourselves helping clients tell stories with live action video. We do everything from broadcast commercials to company story videos to customer testimonials. Our team of experts will work with you from storyboard to the final edit, and will deliver something you’ll want to share everywhere.


Social media video at the speed of culture.

We’ve created a killer, fast and budget-friendly way to create engaging short-form videos designed specifically for the platforms that work for your brand. And best of all, we can probably use your existing photos and videos to create motion-based ads that make the process even faster and cheaper. Who doesn’t want that?

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